1. The Wellington Xmas picnic for Highly Flammable! Thanks to those who came down to say hi! Some awesome secret santa presents too!

  2. Jack the bear form Stadium Cars is such a character! We were catching up with the mischievous fellow recently, he’s been working on his cricket, who do you reckon he should play for?

  3. Our amazing team for the Foodstuffs training awards dinner, we’re so happy with all of their hard work! It was amazing!

  4. A little something from our last Pyro technics event at the TSB Arena in Wellington, NZ.

    We had a great time working with Pump Dance, (the girls dancing in front), amazing people! Check them out if you’re after an incredible dance performance!

  5. Wellington Skyshow 2013, fantabulous time! (making up words now!), did you see us down there?

  6. Highly Flammable’s amazing Jasmine Shadbolt has put together a new toy for Mirrorman!

    Here we have the Mirroruke! We love it! What do you think?

  7. Highly Flammable at the Auckland Santa Parade! We’re super excited to show off a few pics!. Such an amazing day, and Mirorrman was certainly excited!

  8. Kids day at Wellington Zoo!


  10. POW! ZAP! BAM! Super her fun day at Wellington Zoo!